As some people just type paragraphs they make it hard to read so please follow these guidelines. Please give reasonable explanations for their power. See rules article for details.

Example: Edit


(put a picture on the side. Usually hand drawn)

Summary: (make a summary of the character)

Power Description: Edit

Moves: (put techniques character uses)

Abilities and Power: (put his abilities and powers. Please list destruction level in brackets of parenthesis, if help needed see Destruction level article)

Character Average Stat Level: (put average level of power for character. If help needed see Levels of Power article)

Hit Strength (Maximum): (put average hit strength and list here. See Levels of Power article of help needed )

Stamina: (put level of stamina using the Levels of Power format)

Weaknesses: (put characters weaknesses. The character must have at least 2 weaknesses).

Strengths: (put them here. Only permitted to have 3 or under)

(if you want put a gallery)

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