Levels of Power Edit

There are 4 categories and 3 subdivisions for each level of power A, B, C, X, and 0 (except X and 0). On this wiki we use them to measure abilities. Use this to measure your creations power (see rules for more). Edit

Levels of A (Human Levels): Edit

A1: Normal Human Level

A2: Athletic human level

A3: Body builder level

Levels of B (Superhuman levels) Edit

B1: Weaker superhuman level

B2: Average superhuman level

B3: Exceptionally strong superhuman level

Levels of C (For the superior warriors) Edit

C1: Able to easily level large cities

C2: Able to easily destroy provinces (states in U.S.)

C3: Able to neutralize countries/continents without breaking a sweat

Levels of X (For the deity leveled) Edit

X1: Can destroy planets at normal power

X2: Can destroy Solar Systems without breaking a sweat

X3: Can destroy chunks of space at normal power

X4: Nearly boundless

Levels of 0 (Absolute) Edit

This level is not able to be measured and may only be surpasses by other 0s. When put at 0 %100 that means that they are unsurpassed in that certain thing. Each percentage is estimated by the show of the characters daily power as 0 %1 being the weakest of the 0 rank.

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